Copy of Caring for your cozzie – Jody and Lara

The most resilient swimming costume!

All the swimming costumes within the Jody and Lara brand have been designed to not only to look good, but to give great protection from the sun, by covering up more of the skin, and giving SPF 50+ sun protection, which is good to know! The fabric in your cozzie is also easy to take care of, simply wash at 40C or 30C, with or without spin, hang to dry preferably out of the sun. I dried all my Jody and Lara swimwear in the sun and didn’t have fading, so don't worry if it does get caught in the sun it won't fade, however taking good care of your cozzie is a good thing to preserve it's longevity, so you can pass it on!  You don't need to flat dry or reshape when damp, your cozzie is extremely resilient. One more thing - unlike Nylon swimming costumes, Jody and Lara swimming costumes are made of recycled polyester, that means the whites stay white and don't go grey! Perfect!💖 

These colours will never run!

These bright colours won't run as they are not piece dyed, they are printed and it is simply not possible, so you can wash your cozzie with other things. However take care if you wash with a new bright coloured towel; new jeans or a new brightly coloured cotton T-shirt, all of these items will lose colour in their first few washes and that colour in the wash could then attach itself onto everything in your wash including your swimming costume, if you wash them together. Take care of your marvelous cozzie, they do not release any colour at all, but they can pick up colours released by other dark or coloured items in your wash load. Here's a great tip for washing your white top with navy sleeves, which wash load do you put it in? Darks or lights? ANSWER -Definitely Lights! You can wash the white swimming tops with the navy sleeves in your white wash at 40C, none of your white washing will pick up the navy from the sleeves, and your white swim top will remain white, and so will the rest of your wash load! Which is great, no one wants to do special washes for awkward products, right? 

Wash away the chlorinated water

If you have worn your cozzie in a chlorinated pool, it is always a good idea to rinse out the chlorine water before hanging to dry. Chlorine is a powerful chemical used to kill bacteria in the water, this chemical also attacks the elastane in your swimming costume, even chlorine resistant varieties, and over time will deteriorate the elastane in your swimming cozzie. So rinse in clean water before hanging to dry. The Jody and Lara swimwear are resilient cozzie's so enjoy and pass them on when they get too small.;) Lx